Meet the wife of James Madison - 
Lady Presidentress and heroine of the White House 

Hear Dolley tell of the day the British burned the Capital City and her efforts 
to save what she could from the President's Mansion before herself fleeing the flames. 
Listen to tales of society life in Washington, DC in the early years of our new nation in 
Mrs. Madison Speaks 

As a special presentation, Mrs. Madison and her enslaved lady's maid, Sukey, 
together share the stage, offering a glimpse into a relationship of familiar unease in  
Two Worlds: 1815

You really brought Dolley to life. One of our participants reported that in his 40 years of attending seminars, none can match the quality and feel of this one! 

- The Octagon Museum, Washington DC
The creator of the Star-Spangled Banner

A truly remarkable woman, Mary Pickersgill was a self-sufficient widow running a successful business and house full of women in a world full of men.

Learn from Mary how she constructed the flag that inspired our National Anthem.

Consider having her sing at your next
sporting event!

Formidable Suffragist!

Lucy Burns revitalized the flagging American suffrage movement in the 1910s. With Alice Paul, Lucy helped to found what became the National Woman's Party. Organizing parades, pageants, and protests, she was arrested more frequently and served more jail time than any other suffragist in American history. Lucy was among those held at the Occoquan Workhouse during the Night of Terror in November 1917. She served the Cause tirelessly until the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1919.


Nurse, Activist, Social Reformer 

Ellen La Motte met every challenge unflinchingly and expected no less from those around her. She dedicated her life to efforts of alleviating suffering, which led her to service as a field nurse during World War I long before her home country entered the conflict.  

 The Backwash of War, her published collection of narrativized accounts from the front lines, earned censorship from the War Department for their brutal realism. Nevertheless, she continued in her pursuit of exposing the unjust and her advocacy for equality and human dignity.
Performances can be tailored for your event or site. Previous offerings have included Sukey (enslaved lady's maid to the Madisons), Francis Scott Key, Benjamin Franklin, Mercy Otis Warren, FDR, Betsy Ross, and several figures from local histories. 
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