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The History Warehouse proudly presents
a Traveling Trunk series of programs
play a part in history
Suffrage! - 8th grade and up
Votes for Women! Join Lucy Burns as you train to stand the picket line as a Silent Sentinel in 1917, fighting for women's suffrage, knowing you could end your day in prison.

War! - 4th & 5th grades
What's it like in a city under siege during the War of 1812? Help Mary Pickersgill, flag maker, as she constructs a flag larger than the space in her home while still keeping her household together.

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"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten" - Rudyard Kipling

Designed with Common Core and National Standards curriculum in mind, the Traveling Trunk Shows presented by The History Warehouse are 40 minute programs that will get students on their feet and participating in the narrative. The Trunks provide opportunities for hands-on, interactive involvement that will have young scholars approaching history from a new perspective. Contact us for details on the objective skills met with each program. (psst...good for adult groups, too!)

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Revolution! - 4th & 5th grades and 8th grade & up
It's the 1770s and the colonies are fighting for a new future. Do you join the revolution or stay loyal to the king? Middle School Trunk features Betsy Ross. High School Trunk features Mercy Otis Warren.

Over There! - 8th grade & up
We avoided The Great War as long as we could, but now we're in it. What can we do from here? 
everybody loves ghost stories
Especially for K-5, Leigh offers a trunk full of ghosts for when a chill creeps into the air! Can include a creative writing component to get students hatching their own haunted tales.
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